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Zunum is actively fundraising for the next chapter of our company.
Here are some answers to some questions you may have about us:

What is the current status of the company?

We are actively fundraising and have been growing our network of customers, advisors and partners so that we are ready to go again once we are recapitalized.

What is the current status of your hardware and other technical assets?

We paused most development activities and placed all technical assets in suspension pending recapitalization of the company. Zunum Aero hardware, tools and technology infrastructure are stored at leased facilities in Washington and Indiana, and at the facilities of its technology partner in Illinois in support of recovery actions underway.

What is the status of the grant from the State of Washington?

We remain grateful to the State of Washington for its Clean Energy matching grant in 2017, and we endeavored to be good stewards of those funds.  Given the suspension of our development program, the company drew less than a third of the grant before its term expired.

How many employees do you have, and what is your timeline for recapitalization?

We have a handful of team members and the plan is to recapitalize as soon as possible.

What about Zunum’s filing of a legal complaint?

We are unable to comment on pending litigation, but the public filing of Zunum v. The Boeing Company et al is available here.


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