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Zunum Aero Could Achieve A First: An Alternative-Powered Plane That Actually Reaches The Market

ELECTRIC cars are clean, quiet and, it seems, the way of the future. Tesla, an American firm that has done much to help electric cars shed their museli-munching image, is struggling to meet demand for its mid-market Model 3…READ MORE

Zunum Aero’s Hybrid Electric Airplane Aims To Rejuvenate Regional Travel

In the century that’s elapsed since the dawn of commercial aviation, air transportation has become pretty well refined. Yet paradoxically, it’s easier to fly halfway around the world than to travel to a nearby city. As a result, many people shun air travel… READ MORE

Zunum Aero CEO Ashish Kumar: All short-haul flights to zero emissions by 2040

Plane trips that take half the time, cost half as much and have minimal environmental impact. This is the dream of US based aircraft manufacturer Zunum Aero (Zunum is Mayan for hummingbird). Since 2013, the Boeing HorizonX and JetBlue Technology Ventures backed…READ MORE