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Oliver Masefield
Consulting Chief Engineer

Oliver Masefield is Consulting Chief Engineer at Zunum Aero. Oliver joins us following a long and distinguished career at Pilatus, most recently as Chief Engineer on the PC-24 business Jet. Prior to the PC-24, Oliver had served as VP of engineering, and led all project feasibility studies since the early 1970s, including for the PC-9, PC-7 Mk II, PC-12, PC-21, PC-24 and the aircraft which became the Beech T6 Texan II. In addition to Pilatus, Oliver served as Vice President Engineering at Eclipse Aviation, and currently provides aviation advisory services across the US and Europe. He has been a Federal Aviation Administration Designated Engineering Representative in the areas of Flight Analyst, Mechanical Systems and Powerplant. Oliver has a BSc and PhD in Aeronautical engineering from Loughborough University of Technology. In his free time, Oliver enjoys spending time with family, and staying active through skiing, snowboarding, squash, windsurfing, swimming and golf.