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Jean-Philippe Eichinger
Staff Propulsion Engineer

Jean-Philippe Eichinger is a Staff Propulsion Engineer at Zunum Aero. His father, eyes always skyward, inspired his passion for aviation. At the age of eight, he developed a passion for aircraft engines at an air show in France where he saw a powerful M53 Mirage engine in flight for the very first time: a jet so powerful that it shook and rattled windows several kilometers away. At fifteen, to better familiarize himself with the field of aeronautics, he learned to fly. He continued to follow his dream of working on aircraft engines at an aeronautical engineering school near Paris. He has worked for Safran Group as an aircraft engine engineer, first working in aerodynamics then in engine performance. When he’s not kite surfing, skiing or hiking with his wife, you can find Jean-Philippe in front of his 3D printer or in a Fablab.