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Lead Fan Aerodynamic Design Engineer

Zunum Aero has an immediate opening for a highly experienced fan aerodynamic designer for development of quiet electric propulsors.  Candidate must have at least 15 years fan aerodynamic design experience including recent design work at the state of the art in bypass fan design.  Candidate should be knowledgeable in all aspects of fan and stator design, CFD analysis, and validation testing.

Zunum is an emerging leader in hybrid-electric propulsion for aircraft; this position is a unique opportunity to work with a small, dynamic team of dedicated engineers on the next generation of aircraft propulsion. Position is full time, initial location is flexible, with likely long-term relocation to Illinois or Washington state; compensation DOE.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead development of a fully integrated, electrically driven, low pressure, very quiet ducted fan from initial design through final certification.
  • Design of the low pressure compressor fan aerodynamic design including blade planforms, cross sections, design, analysis and optimization. Fan may be fixed or variable pitch.
  • Design, analysis, and optimization of the fixed exit guide fanes (FEVG) for minimum total pressure loss in a low pressure fan, and pressure masking of structural supports if required.
  • Application of steady and URANS CFD for blade design and optimization across multiple design points using commercially available tools such as ADS CFD.
  • Multi-disciplinary design optimization with motor and fan performance Planning and conduct of sub-scale wind tunnel test articles for performance and aeroacoustics
  • Experimental test data analysis, design tool correlation to experimental results, including wind tunnel, ground static, and flight test data.
  • Develop and maintain performance maps for the fan across the flight envelope incorporating experimental data as it becomes available.
  • Conduct program planning, coordination, and design reviews to meet test and certification milestones.
  • Lead development and calibration of meanline, streamline, and other advanced PD design methods optimized for Zunum low pressure electric fans.


  • B.S. or higher in aerospace engineering with concentration in fluid mechanics, CFD, and turbomachinery
  • At least 15 years of industry experience developing current generation bypass fans on a program which has reached commercial production
  • Expert knowledge of turbomachinery aerodynamics with applications of CFD
  • Strong technical writing, presenting, and team leadership skills
  • Technical contributions to the field including patents and publications

To be considered for this position, please send a resume or CV to with the position name in the subject line.